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Molten Basketball GL7 Official FIBA Indoor

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Molten Basketball GL7 Official FIBA Indoor

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Manufacturer description:
  • Number of Panels : 12
  • Cover Material: Top Genuine Leather
  • Bladder: Butyl
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Size : 7
  • Construction: Laminated

Molten GL7 Basketball (FIBA Approved)

Molten Basketball GL7 as the Official Basketball of FIBA, the Molten BGL Basketball Series has gained international recognition and acclaim as a top choice for elite athletes around the globe. Expect exceptional, top of the line performance with Molten’s Advanced Basketball Technology; the BGL’s flat-pebble surface provides grip and control like you’ve never experienced while the full-flat seams provide consistent backspin for stable, accurate shooting and passing no matter where you hold the ball. Molten’s GIUGIARO® or ‘G-Design’ enhances visibility, helping you focus on the movement of the ball. Push performance to the limit with Molten GL Basketball.

Please note – Molten’s GL7 Basketball is an all leather basketball and requires a break-in period of consistent play before developing a softer feel with optimum playability.

Product Detail

Molten Basketball GL7 Official game ball for all FIBA competitions, Official game ball for all GB Teams and Basketball Ireland and used in every top International competition world-wide.

FIBA Approved top grain leather basketball.

New patented 12-panel design for better fingertip control.

Flat pebble surface and full flat seams.

Nylon wound butyl bladder.

Official size and weight.

For indoor use only.

Comes inflated directly from the factory. Do not deflate ball as this may induce creases in the leather.

*Note – when inflating ball with a pump it is critical that the needle is lubricated before insertion. We suggest soft soap would be a suitable substance.

Product Care

Molten Basketball BGL7 Natural leather basketballs should be cleaned using a small amount of specially designed natural leather cleaner with a soft cloth.

Always store basketballs in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Never leave a professional sports ball exposed to extreme temperatures, for example in the trunk of a car on a very hot or freezing day. This can cause the ball to lose its carefully tuned shape or deteriorate the carcass.

Keep basketballs away from fire.

Using your basketball in rotation will give the leather time to breathe and extend the life of the ball.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in


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