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Sports Services

About us

Sports Services Inc. is a manufacturing and wholesale company established in 2008. We offer a wide variety of products in almost every sport there is. Located in Doral, Florida, we strive to offer only the highest quality products at affordable prices.


Provide the market with the best sporting goods available, set the standard for high-quality service, and offer the best possible customer service.


Our vision is to set the example for customer satisfaction. We want to create long-lasting relationships so we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. That’s what sets us apart.


Our values are everything we stand for and it defines how we run the company. Leadership, collaboration, integrity, and passion is what Sports Services is all about.

Turbo Sport® is a registered trademark of Sports Services Inc. All of our custom made uniforms, manufactured only with the best fabrics in the market, carry our brand. We also have an extensive line of soccer, basketball, volleyball, and futsal balls.

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