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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What exactly happens after ordering?

After ordering you will promptly receive an order confirmation via e-mail. After the order has been processed in our database, the package will leave our warehouse on the same day, or, at the latest, the following workday.

  • Why have I not received an order confirmation?

Some e-mail services incorrectly flag automated messages from our servers as spam – if you don’t receive anything, please check your spam folders first. You may also accidentally have provided an incorrect e-mail address – in this case please contact our Order-Support to check whether we received your order.

  • I have not yet received my delivery!

On rare occasions or in remote areas there sometimes might be a delay. Unfortunately has no influence on this. If the announced shipping times are exceeded significantly, please contact our Order-Support with your order number.

  • What does special-order mean?

Special-order means items that we do not normally carry these items in stock, and must put in a special request to get them in. Once ordered from the manufacturer, the product usually arrives in our warehouse within 7-21 days. We will ship it once it is received.

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