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Best Volleyball Ball

by | Oct 27, 2019 | Volleyball | 0 comments

Best Volleyballs for Indoor and Outdoor Play

Best Volleyballs Indoor And Outdoor Play, Volleyball is the perfect sport designed to free you from a sedentary lifestyle and to make your body moving. Whether you like to spend time on the beach or prefer to remain indoors, volleyball is best for you.

If you are involved in the game for some time you might have familiarized yourself with the confusion of buying the best volleyball. But for the rest of you, the decision is not that obvious.

You can go the easier way of picking a volleyball based on the recommendations but there’s a lot that goes into how to choose the best volleyball.

Top 5 Volleyballs 

Mikasa MVA200

If you are aiming at professional volleyball experience then Mikasa MVA200 is for you. Used both in Olympics and FIVB, the MVA200 is the most used professional volleyball universally. The 8-panel design of the volleyball enables more contact as well as control.


The surface of the ball is dimpled that creates a straighter path similar to the dimpled surface of a golf ball. The microfiber cover increases grip and provides more maneuverability and the nylon wound center offers durability.

While Mikasa MVA200 is a definite buy, you need to consider its weight as it is heavier than other volleyball balls. Also, novice volleyball players might find it unforgiving.

Molten FLISTATEC V5M5000

If you follow NCAA Men’s Volleyball, then the Molten FLISTATEC V5M5000 will appeal to you. The Molten engineering team has done their best to keep up with the evolving volleyball technology.


The FIVB approved Molten V5M5000 has all the features that highlight its dominance over other volleyballs. The FLISTATEC or Flight Stability Technology allows the ball to travel on a straighter path at high speed. For crisper passes and better grip, it has a premium microfiber composite cover. It has a nylon wound core that provides additional durability.

Although the FLISTATEC keeps the ball on a straighter path it decreases the float serve effectiveness.

Mikasa VLS300

The Mikasa VLS300 is the official FIVB ball and this speaks volume about the quality of this ball.

The reinforced panel design maintains the spherical shape of VLS300 even under heavy hits. The soft composite waterproof cover makes it easier to play and is highly durable. Distinctive 10-panel design enhances water resistance, two-layer cloth backing and micro-cell anti-slip composite leather all make Mikasa VLS300 the first choice of beach volleyball lovers.

Molten V5M4500

The Molten V5M4500 is the perfect volleyball ball for club training and college sports. It meets all the FIVB requirements making it an ideal ball for professional volleyball training. With 18-panel laminated PU construction, V5M4500 gives more control to players. The use of soft synthetic leather makes this ball widely popular.

If you are looking for a premium quality volleyball with top grade stable flight, this is the ball for you. At a low cost, you get to experience the thrill of an elite level volleyball game.

Molten V5M4000

While the Molten V5M5000 is top-of-the-line volleyball but if you are not looking for a professional and elite volleyball experience, there is a cheaper alternative made available by Molten.

The V5M4000 is same high-quality volleyball as the V5M5000 the only difference there is no FLISTATEC surface. The absence of the honeycomb ridges drops the price almost by half. You still get the raised hexagonal design, secure nylon wound core layer, and the three-color pattern.

This V5M5000 replica is top-quality school and club match volleyball.

So, get set going and grab the best volleyball for you now!


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