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Mikasa, Molten and Turbo Sport

by | Oct 29, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Mikasa, Molten and Turbo Sport

Whether you want to play in the sand at the beach or within the boundaries of your own house, picking a sports ball designed for performance is always a good idea.

If you are a soccer or volleyball fan, you will want to get that power feel and playability that can only be derived with the best brands. With sports like volleyball, soccer or basketball that can be played both indoors and outdoors, you need to know which brand offers the best products. There is a variety of designs and constructions to choose from.

You have to consider a ball’s panel construction, hardness, skin coverings and more. It can be an overwhelming experience. As an alternative, you can choose soccer and volleyballs offered by brands known for their reputation.

Here are the top 3 sports brands we recommend.


A brand that is as popular as Molten for its sports accessories. Serving for 95 years, the popularity and fame of Mikasa are attributed in its sports balls being the official volleyball for the 2008 indoor/outdoor Beijing Olympics and the 2012 indoor/outdoor London Olympics.

Mikasa sports balls have pioneered the sport, basketball, volleyball or soccer, its products give players a truly powerful playing experience. The Mikasa MVA200 and Mikasa VLS300 are two most popular volleyballs across the globe that are homologated by the FIVB and are used as the official game balls for FIVB competitions such as Olympic Games, World League, World Championships, and World Grand Prix.

Mikasa balls are famous for their 8-panel design and exclusive composite cover. The nylon wound core in all Mikasa balls adds durability to its products. Coaches across schools and colleges recommend Mikasa basketballs, volleyballs and soccer balls to players to take their skills to the next level. Being the professionally recognized balls, practicing with them surely make your game professional.


Sports balls are widely recognized for being top in the category. What adds to the popularity of Molten balls are the many international competitions and tournaments that have Molten balls as the official game balls.

Molten volleyballs, footballs and basketballs are used extensively in a number of sports leagues. Many of the Molten sports balls ranging from basketballs to volleyballs have the international federation approvals that include FIFA, FIVA, IHF and FIBA.

Molten is a brand known for combining new technologies in their products to enhance the players’ performance. Molten volleyballs boast features like the FLISTATEC (Flight Stability Technology) technology to keep balls on a straighter path. Same goes with the Molten basketballs that have a 12-panel design instead of traditional 8 basketball panels. The 12 panels design combined with Molten patented basketball technology, the Molten basketballs are known to improvise players performance in basketball dribbling, basketball passing and basketball shooting. Molten soccer balls are known for their hand cross-stitching and premium high-quality PU covers.

Turbo Sport

Keeping in line with some of the most trusted sports gear brands in the world, we have launched Turbo Sport accessories for volleyball, soccer and basketball. Bringing together the best of engineering and innovation, we have ensured that our sports balls are in compliant with international standards as laid down by likes of FIVB, FIFA, FIVA, IHF and FIBA.

Like every company, we have our own ideas regarding the most suitable composite fabrics used in producing synthetic and composite sports balls. We have made the most affordable sports balls available without compromising quality.  


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