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Molten basketballs

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Molten basketballs


a result of excellent craftsmanship and superior quality 

Molten Basketballs For Every Player, At Sports Services Online, we are dedicated to providing you the best of sports equipment and gear. This is why we bring for you the top brands of basketball- Molten. Molten is a top brand committed to providing you with high-end basketballs for FIBA and universal basketball community. Molten combines excellence and great craftsmanship to offer products that are world-class and liked by elite basketball players.

There is also a wide range of basketball types from the brand for different game styles and taste. Molten as a brand has established its name because of its craftsmanship and quality. With a seal of approval from FIBA displayed on the balls, Molten ensures that their brand is well recognized by professional players.

Below we present the top basketballs we have in store for you. Take a look at these Molten basketballs and choose the best pick.

Molten Basketball GL7

The Molten GL7 is the 12 panel design ball for good fingertip control and has the full flat seams and flat pebble surface. This ball is perfect for indoor games and has the nylon wound butyl bladder.

Molten GG7

With GG7, you can simply conquer the court. Durable and highly superior in quality, this basketball helps you to showcase your skills in the best way. Great for indoor play, the GG7 contributes in improving your skills as well. This is a 12 panel ball that is especially made to offer players enhanced grip and great play time.

Molten GG6

This is a high quality competition synthetic leather basketball in Dual Cushion technology. It is specifically made for great ball control and superior grip. The ball is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Also, it is FIBA and DBB approved.

Molten GF7

Made from synthetic PU leather with exclusive composite, this basketball offers good feel. The scuff resistant and deep pebble finish is an added feature. This is an official ball of the Victorian Junior Basketball League and is used in all sorts of matches.

Molten GF6

The GF6 is made of composite leather that has a good grip and feel, providing you complete control of the ball while dribbling or shooting. This FIBA approved ball is of size 6 and is best for women’s games or for young players.

Molten GE7

The GE7 is made up of synthetic leather with deep pebble finish and scuff resistant cover. It uses high precision butyl bladder and has the 12 panel design with extra seams than the traditional 8 panel design. Extra seams mean better control of your fingertips. Best suited for intermediate to advance level players.

Molten B5R

The Molten B5R is a size 5 basketball made for junior use. It is made of 8-panel construction and has the deep pebble finish. Its premium pro touch rubber cover is durable.

Weight- 470-500 gms

Diameter- 25cm

Molten B7R

You can enjoy your game on the concrete, boards or pavement with this synthetic basketball. Made with sturdy and rugged synthetic cover, this is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Best suited for starter to intermediate level players.

Molten GR5

Then in our list comes the GR5 from Molten that has a distinct design which enhances visibility, thus helping you to focus on the ball’s movement. This is the perfect drill and training ball available in size 5. Construction wise, it is a molded ball with the signatu7re patented Molten 12 panel design and comes in official weight and size.

Molten GR7

This has a durable composite leather cover that is designed to withstand outdoor elements. It has a great grip and shape too, making it easy to use. It is a FIBA approved category 7 basketball.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and have the best Molten basketball for your training and playing needs.



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